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We are pleased to introduce ARES – Advanced Racing Experience Simulator – a full cabin simulation platform developed and provided by Tushek, exclusively reserved to owners and drivers of hypercars. Tushek is the first hypercar manufacturer to offer such advanced simulators to their customers. The aim of the #ARES is to train owners to the specifics of their race-bred hypercars, and as well fine tune all parameters of the Tushek patented electric drivetrain to help extract the maximum performance on any track. We are proud to be a part of this project.



Tushek, the exclusive Slovenian hypercar manufacturer, announces at Top Marques Monaco the launch of its advanced full cabin motion platform, dedicated for owners and drivers of Tushek models. True to its racing focused philosophy, Tushek is the first hypercar manufacturer to offer such advanced simulators to its customers. The aim of the ARES is to train owners to the specifics of their race-bred hypercars, and as well fine tune all parameters of the Tushek patented electric drivetrain to help extract the maximum performance on any track. To achieve the highest level of the simulation, as close as possible to the real car, the requirements for hardware and software have been very demanding and required for a highly advanced technology provider.

For the development of ARES, Tushek has chosen to enter in a close partnership with Motion Systems, the technological leader in the motion simulation industry in Europe, integrating its highly acclaimed technology to maximize the range, granularity, and control of the movement, all via a top-level solution based on hardware and software designed, manufactured and tested in Poland, the home base of Motion Systems. Tushek, as the pioneer of such innovative and advanced training approach, wants to build the self-confidence and the experience among customers and drivers of real Tushek cars. To achieve a unique level of immersion, the motion platforms will be properly tuned by the close cooperation between the two companies. This will allow customers to become familiar with their car, its behavior, the handling characteristics and especially the specific throttle response and power delivery to the wheels, provided by Tushek engineers to enjoy real track racing to its limits. Motion Cueing, ACE editor, a wide range of personalization are just a tip of what stands behind thousands’ hours of R&D, testing and engineering toprovide the fastest, lag-free motion solution to the demanding needs of racing drivers training. Supplementary, for the real integration and immersion of the driver with the Tushek cars, the full cabin is identical to the car itself, a full carbon fiber cabin with identical equipment and components as in the real car.

We have a deep experience in the manufacture of motion solutions for the construction of industrial grade training simulators, used with success in drivers
and pilots training programs, testing and verification applications, vehicle simulators for defense sector and high-load, professional entertainment applications. We believe that Motion Systems is uniquely positioned to provide technology and services to Tushek business. We are excited to work with Tushek and scale new opportunities with one of the world’s leading players in ultimate cars production.

Michał Stanek, CEO of Motion Systems

We have chosen Motion Systems being impressed by the extensive experience in the simulation industry, the high grade of granularity and control of their technology, the excellent variability of the software, allowing for almost limitless settings and being a perfect match for simulating the very specific characteristics
of our patented drivetrain. We’re glad to have chosen such an experienced and like-minded partner, ready to support us with their expertise to provide Tushek customers with the ultimate simulation platform.

Dragos Gheorghiu, CCO of Tushek



Founded by Aljoša Tušek , the Slovenian racing champion, more than 14 years ago, Tushek is manufacturing extreme hypercars in strictly limited series. The company employs the racing experience to design, develop and manufacture hypercars with the goal of providing the ultimate driving experience. Known for being lightweight and nimble, Tushek models have received excellent appreciations for being agile and fast on and off tracks. The company is headquartered in Slovenia and is currently investing in its first higher volume assembly lines and R&D centers, scheduled to launch in early 2023.



Over the years, Motion Systems has been developing motion platforms and expanding market base. It’s own style and solutions have had significant impact on the global market of professional motion simulation. Motion Systems is continuously increasing their wide variety of products. Currently, in the company product portfolio, the customers can find 2DoF, 3DoF, 4DoF and 6DoF motion platforms as well as unlimited 3 axes 360 degrees motion systems and military VR training solutions. Last year, Motion System’s introduced completely new product’s range based on linear actuator’s technology dedicated for racers looking for the most realistic simulation. Top-notch sim racing hardware and accessories perfectly fit to the professional drivers training. Motion Systems also owns the largest training and sim racing center in Poland – Apex One