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Motion Systems and PERRINN have signed a Letter of Intent (LOI) to become a global technical partner of the PERRINN 424 EV Hypercar Project. The goal of the partnership is two fold:

  • Develop the highest fidelity simulation possible,
  • Validate current/future engineering work on the car, with the help and support of Motion Systems’ enormous community of Sim Racers and Users worldwide.

Using Motion Systems digital environment and platforms in this way is fully aligned with the PERRINN team’s vision of open access racing and crowdsourced development of motorsport racing technologies. One key initial goal of the partnership is to incorporate the knowledge gained, technologies developed, and outcomes achieved from the collaboration in the first development cycle of the PERRINN 424 EV Hypercar.





Sim racing enthusiasts, professional racing teams and drivers have the opportunity to test the PERRINN application and share their feedback and comments for the further development of the 424 project. Today, all ForcesetaPM and QubicManager users (software provided by Motion Systems) have access to PERRINN application. The application is also available to customers of the largest training sim racing centre in Poland – Apex One. The sim racing Center is equipped with nine full professional, training simulators based on Qubic System linear actuators technology. ForceSeat and QubicManager functionalities such as Motion Cueing, ACE editor, a wide range of personalization are just a tip of what stands behind thousands’ hours of R&D, testing and engineering to provide the fastest, lag-free motion solution fits to the requirement of PERRINN application.


Integration of Motion Systems software with PERRINN 424 and joint development of driving physics and Motion Cueing will allow to increase the realism of PERRINN 424 driving sensations in the simulator. The simulator will become a training tool for drivers in the future and prepare them for their first contact with the car. The PERRINN 424 application is made in Unity and it has a very well mapped Nurburgring Nordschleife track, where drivers can beat the lap record with the PERRINN 424 car. Currently, the track record has been set with the Porsche 919 Evo on the modern 20,832m full layout with a time of 5:19.546 minutes. the company is focusing on setting a new lap record at the Nurburgring Nordschleife and that this is the 424 version that people around the world are going to be able to drive and experience in simulation. This is a great challenge for the PERRINN424 community. The target is to beat Porsche 919 Evo.

In the near future, as part of further cooperation, the PERRINN application will also be available to all SIM DEPARTMENT users of the leading management software for sim racing centers.
Thanks to this connection, we will be able to organize the Global PERRINN424 Hotlap Challenge at the Nurburing Nordschleife track. Details of the event and a list of sim racing centers where the local community will be able to test the PERRINN application soon on our social media and webiste.



Motion Systems: What is PERRINN Limited?

Nicolas Perrinn: PERRINN Limited is a UK company launched in 2011 by Nicolas Perrinn. It is the company that serves as the legal entity for the PERRINN team and that launched project 424.

MS: What is PERRINN?

NP: PERRINN is a global team built as a network of individuals and organizations. All our members use an open communication protocol to interact using the app.

MS: What is PERRINN 424?

NP: 424 is the project developed by the PERRINN team. It is an open source project aimed at building the fastest electric hypercar. Initially 424 focus is on setting a new outright record at the Nurburgring Nordschleife. This means beating the current record held by Porsche 919 Evo. Longer term 424 will race at Le Mans 24H as an hydrogen, open source entry.

MS: Who is the owner/founder?

NP: PERRINN team is owned by its community of members. PERRINN Limited owns part of the PERRINN team, but the rest is owned by the contributors and members that have joined the community. We have a digital token called COIN that helps manage the ownership of the team.

MS: Why is PERRINN 424 so special?

NP: We have a number of USP making us unique: our members and contributors are distributed globally, there is no headquarters for the project. 424 is open source and yet is developed by experts in the Motorsport industry. We are creating a valuable database that will be re-used in the sim racing, engineering, digital industries. We are also focusing on very difficult challenges like the Nurburgring record and Le Mans 24H racing. Likewise, we are currently in the digital phase of the project, and we use crowdfunding to grow. When we transition to the physical phase of 424, we will raise funding through corporate sponsorship.

MS: What is the goal, and what is the time schedule planned?

NP: In 2022, we are finalizing the digital development of 424. In 2023, we are focusing on fund-raising to start building 424. 2024 is the year when we aim to set the Nurburgring record. After that, we will switch our attention to the Hydrogen Le Mans 424 car. The goal is to go racing as an open source team, supported and followed by a large community. We also want to show a new way to innovate and develop such projects.

MS: Why can simulation help within the project?

NP: We have a digital first strategy to develop our car and our team. We use the internet as the foundation layer for our project. Simulation tools have reached such a high level of fidelity that it is now possible to do most of the testing and development digitally, from aerodynamics to structural analysis to electrical powertrain control and finally to driving the car. We are also very excited about the potential of involving the sim racing community into our process.

MS: What is the future of PERRINN?

NP: PERRINN will continue to grow as a global team. We want to deliver a new experience for our members by leveraging the open source, open communication vision while maintaining a high level of technical innovation. Our team needs to become a hub for innovation and show that better products can be created this way.