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ForceSeatPM 2141

In the most recent update of the ForceSeatPM application by MotionSystems, a variety of significant improvements and new functionalities have been implemented. These updates considerably enhance the user experience. Below is an overview of the major changes:

  • Enhanced profile sharing: Ability to directly upload profiles to the database.
  • Support for IPG CarMaker 13.1: Enhanced vehicle simulation features.
  • Expansion for Improved integration with the game directory and LUA script updates.
  • Support for F1 24: Integration with the latest F1 game, enhancing the realism of simulations.

Moreover, the newest version of the software has been upgraded to a 64-bit architecture, boosting its performance and compatibility with contemporary operating systems and hardware configurations.



2024.05.30: version 2.141:

New features and fixes

  • CL01 – DCS World: Added violent movement suppressor.
  • CL02 – Epic Roller Coasters: Added violent movement suppressor.
  • CL03 – GPBikes: Updated connector to support beta 21c.
  • CL04 – Forza Motorsport: Introduced a workaround for the problem of incorrect gear number returned by the game. For some reason, the game returns „11” during shifts.
  • CL05 – All flights: Fixed incorrect „Ground” slider binding in „Flight/Ground Harness” quick tune.
  • CL06 – Optional on/off switches have been added next to quick tunes to quickly turn on/off the associated motion/effect without having to change the intensity slider.
  • CL07 – KartKraft: Fix for negative RPM reading.
  • CL08 – Profiles: Added new option to the profile Sharing section to upload a profile directly to the Profiles Database.
  • CL09 – Profiles: Moved export button to Sharing section.
  • CL10 – Profiles Database: Added a counter of likes to profiles.
  • CL11 – Joystick Monitor: Improved button mapping configuration procedure and allowed to monitor up to 4 controllers.
  • CL12 – rFactor 2: Added Tactile Audio Based Feedback effects for ABS.
  • CL13 – Le Mans Ultimate: Added Tactile Audio Based Feedback effects for ABS.
  • CL14 – Assetto Corsa: Added Tactile Audio Based Feedback effects for ABS and Traction Control.
  • CL15 – EA Sports WRC: Added Tactile Audio Based Feedback effects for ABS.
  • CL16 – Assetto Corsa Competizione: Added filtering to handle inconsistencies in telemetry data related to engine status and pit stop status.
  • CL17 – rFPro: Implemented motion connector that acts as hardware plugin.
  • CL18 – IPG CarMaker: Added support for version 13.1.
  • CL19 – GT Legends: Fixed incorrect use of roll, pitch and yaw.
  • CL20 – Added support for the commercial version of Remember to locate the root directory in Games Integration to make sure LUA scripts are updated.
  • CL21 – F1 24: Added support for this game.
  • CL22 – Richard Burns Rally: Added support for NGP plug-in 7.3.