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Forceseatpm and Chassissim


We are pleased to annouced that we have officialy finished the integration of ForceSeat Platform Manager with Chassis Sim Driver In the Loop simulation software.

From now on, all professional racing teams, race drivers, race engineers are able to use the high-end performance Motion Systems and Qubic System platforms to test their own aerodynamics and chassis setups prepared in the Chassis Sim software in the physical, not only numerical environment which is the Chassis Sim DIL simulation.




Motion Systems target is to integrate with professional software providers for Driving Simulation for both OE solutions and Racing Teams. Our roadmap is to produce not only high performance motion platforms for racing simulators, but also the software allowing to use the simulator by engineers for testing purposes as well as the drivers for both performance training and car setup testing. The next software integration process is currently ongoing and we will share more details as soon as it will be available.

Meanwhile, you can read about a similar integration of Motion Systems and Perrinn 424

Our goal is to provide the high performance motion platforms for racing simulators, and the professional software allowing to use the simulator by engineers for testing purposes as well as the drivers for both performance training and car setup testing. We are very excited to work with ChassisSim team and scale new opportunities for racers and engineers from motorsport industry.

Michał Stanek, CEO of Motion Systems

It was a pleasure working with the guys from Motion Systems. The back and forth was most enlightening and giving how tricky dialling in a motion rig can be it was actually very smooth sailing. I can not begin to describe my joy that the benefits of ChassisSim Driver in the loop are now going to be enabled on the Motion Systems rig and can benefit our current and future customers.

Danny Nowlan, Director of ChassisSim Technologies

ChassisSim Technologies


ChassisSim was first developed in the mid 1990’s and has been evolving ever since. Thanks to its generic multi-body vehicle dynamic model it can be applied in a multitude of categories, for example: Formula E, electric prototypes or any type of electric car or sportscar categories such as LMP1 and LMP2, and World Rally Championship (WRC), Drift racing and Dirt racing. Bottom line, if it has 4 wheels, and you race it, a ChassisSim can simulate it.




Over the years, Motion Systems has been developing motion platforms and expanding market base. It’s own style and solutions have had significant impact on the global market of professional motion simulation. Motion Systems is continuously increasing their wide variety of products. Currently, in the company product portfolio, the customers can find 2DoF, 3DoF, 4DoF and 6DoF motion platforms as well as unlimited 3 axes 360 degrees motion systems and military VR training solutions. Last year, Motion System’s introduced completely new product’s range based on linear actuator’s technology dedicated for racers looking for the most realistic simulation. Top-notch sim racing hardware and accessories perfectly fit to the professional drivers training. Motion Systems also owns the largest training and sim racing center in Poland – Apex One

Motion Systems
Motion Systems